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Email blocked

Why do now tv make it so difficult to live chat or email them?  Even when you click 'contact us' it takes you do more unrelated stuff. Anyway....


After extensive testing, I've found that NOW TV ISP is blocking my connection to an email server (reputable webhost) both encryption and on SSL ports 993 and 587.


I've managed to get around it by using my own domain name to indirectly bounce to the exact sever name (until such time as nowtv block this too).  But I am having to use PLAIN rather than an encrypted SSL connection (not ideal) as nowtv appear to have blocked my encrypted email sockets.  On another WAN or 4G everything is fine and dandy.  I switched off the firewalls (Ip6) and was still blocked.  ARRGGH!!!


Just wondered if anyone else, using their own emailserver, have had NOWTV blacklist ports of servernames? 

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@Anonymous User


Can't help with your email issue but if you need to contact the broadband team I'd suggest calling rather than using live chat or email. You can find the telephone number for the Broadband Team by going to your My Account > My Package page

and click the Moving Home section.