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Disrupted Service, Hacking - Residential Brake ins

So my service keeps going down.  this has been done for a while now.  I realised the residents had a way of entering my home using a well-known technique used in the US called bum-locking to access my home.


It's a case of racism and trying to drive me from my home - as many black people are accustomed.  The extra part is accessing my home.  I mentioned my line being tampered with and the hub details accessed too.  I explained how and why.  This has not been investigated, nothing.  I got rogue BT engineers too come to my home.  The situation goes beyond residential - it branched out - classic UK ganged up harassment, racism (there's a 100 examples of this in UK hisotry), it's not new.  I explained the extent of what's been happening and on NOWTV's end it's EASY to check the amount or length of time (or should be) that a servic/connection goes down.  Mine is messed with religiously.  Sent in pictures too.  This went on for months more so at one point and they were aware I had no service for months on end.  They expected me to pay! I sent in pics.  When they checked the line on their end they'd say there was no issue and I'd wait and ask them to check until it showed up on their end.  The back and forth is real.  I want to know at what point do they do a check on the line, a full one to see where it's being tampered with.  Why is it that difficult to believe RACISM in the UK still exists to this extent - has it miraculously just disappeared.  If bump-locking is not a new phenomena either why is that not even taken onboard.  If they're made aware of the extent of my situation why is that also SO hard to grasp then check.  


If you had no service for months on end what would you do?

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This is first time I have ever heard of racism being the cause of broadband problems. (and I have heard a lot of crazy theories)

If you are suffering racism, you have my sympathies, but the police are the correct route for resolving it, not a broadband forum.