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Contact now tv

Does anyone have a freephone number for now TV customer service 

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Re: Contact now tv

Hi @Casper4 


Are you a NowTV Broadband Customer, if so have a read of this link below.


After reading the above, click on the Get in Touch link in green contained in the article towards the top of the page.


Then when the secondary page opens, select the Broadband category, then pick a Broadband topic, then you should see the telephone helpline number to call for the Broadband Team.


During the above process you may be asked to sign in with your NowTV Account Broadband details.


If you are not a Broadband customer and seeking help for the TV service then there is no telephone helpline number and you will need to contact live chat.


To reach live chat you will have to follow the same above procedure, by selecting & picking the most relevant category & topic that you need assistance on, then towards the final stage of the process, scroll half way down the page and click the green arrow underneath How to Get in Touch to reveal the live chat button.

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