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Comparing broadband

I'm currently on virgins 350mb internet and am looking elsewhere as the price is going up ready for a renewal. Currently max speed is only in the same room as the router and after that it drops significantly to under 100mb normally in every other room and I'm not normally in the room with the router. How would now TVs higher end broadband compare and cope with 3 TVs, 2 phones on at the same time

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Hi @Harry22673 


When looking at NOW Super Fibre, just be aware the average speed is around 63Mbps and this speed is at the Router itself and depending on various factors such has the location of the Router, size of the property, construction of the property, minimum guaranteed speed quoted by NOW you will not get the 63Mbps over wifi to your devices.


Even if you are getting 63Mbps which would be extremely unlikely over WiFi, then if you a running 3 TV's and streaming over 4K, together with 2 smartphones then you might be pushing it.


Also the NOW Hub 2 only has two Ethernet ports on it and i don't know if that would be a factor for you.


Personally if it was me i would look also at BT & Sky who offer higher internet speeds and i believe they offer a guaranteed wifi speed around the home (where i am guessing it's an extra over price and i haven't looked into it to be honest with regards to the T&C's etc).

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To follow up from the sound advice by @schnapps 


If you are able to shop around with BT and Sky they might be able to offer Fibre to the Premise (FTTP), whereas NOW only offers Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) broadband. 

For faster speeds you are best to go with FTTP broadband. But it also depends on what’s available and what’s been laid in your street.


Being a BT customer with FTTP at 250mb I get a strong upload of 50mb and a stable connection when streaming anything at 4K.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help