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Cancellation after price rise

Received an email today about an increase to calls within the broadband and calls package which states the following;


We hope you’re still happy to be a NOW Broadband and calls services member. But if not, you can cancel your membership by calling 03303 323 050. If you’re within your minimum contract period, call us within 30 days of receiving this communication to avoid early termination charges.


I called about this as my internet is terrible and has drop outs a lot and i have been waiting to finish the 12 month contract so i can go back to my old supplier. I just called about it and i was told that they have never heard of being able to cancel for that reason and they want to check that the email said that, however there isn't a record of that email being sent to me on the system yet so i would have to call back. Anyone else had this experience? 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Yep i had the same identical email.


Though i am on Anytime Calls and been happy using NOW Broadband for over 3 years.


My understanding is if your ISP increase their prices above inflation you are permitted to leave without incurring penalties within 30 days notification of the price increase (might be wrong because it's something i have never read up on or investigated any further because i am generally satisfied with the NOW Broadband service).


Maybe do some Google research on it to see your options.


Here's the first result on the top of the list from my Google search.