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Cancel broadband charge?


Im looking to switch from plusnet  broadband to NowTV. Looking at the £18.99 p/m 12 month contract. Could someone please advise what the cancellation charge is if I left early? Also, if I were to move house within the 12 month contract, could I transfer the same contract to the new address or do I have to pay cancellation and take out again at new address?


many thanks,


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Hi @Anonymous User 


I am assuming you are looking at NowTV Brilliant Broadband ?


If so i believe the current price on the NowTV website is £18 per month for a 12 month contract and not £18.99 per month.


With regards to early termination of your NowTV Broadband contract if you opt for the saver £18 per month option plan then have a read of this link below. 


My understanding if you Move Home under the twelve month contract and NowTV can provide their Broadband service at your new home address, there is no need to cancel your existing contract and your contract just carries on (though i might be wrong because i have never moved address with any Broadband service).