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Can find no way to contact NOW Broadband not able to phone due to disability

Good morning


I need to contact NOW TV Broadband to accept one of the options offered with my contract expiring in a few days but I CANNOT telephone them due to an illness at this time. I cannot find ANY email contact that functions and Live chat does not function. I tried emailing help@ etc but that only returned an automated email saying that it was no longer used and my email would not be read.

To have no way of contacting NOW TV Broadband other than voice call which not everyone can do seems unbelievable in 2020 and in such difficult times for everyone.

Can anyone help with an email contact that works as customer service seems non existent.

Thank you.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


You could try these alternative methods on this linked thread below that i posted on, though i can't guarantee they will respond in these uncertain times.


I believe NowTV are assisting Broadband & Telephone Customers where they can (though i would imagine their labour resources are extremely stretched with this coronavirus crises).


Over on NowTV Twitter they are telling Broadband & Telephone customers to keep holding on the telephone line and be patient or keeping re trying their dedicated Broadband telephone helpline later where their Operators are ploughing through the high volume of telephone calls they are getting.  

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Issue is now resolved thank you. I found NOW TV have a disability access service and they were very helpful.

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I am in the same position as you. My contract is up next week and I've called twice, holding both times for over 40 mins. Cant get through, understand why and its not surprising. I just want to switch my broadband to the cheaper tariff and inquire about the fibre package to make my decision. but either  way I want to switch to a different package with them otherwise I'll be paying over the odds for a package which is the same but not that great!


Can anyone advise if there is a way to speak or message someone? No live chat or switching facility online which I am very surprised at ?