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Caller Display not working

My service from Now was activated two days ago, but from then my caller ID has not worked.


Phone call to Now on 17th - Oh it's activated on the line, it should start to work soon.

Phone call to Now on 18th - I don't think we offer caller ID as a service, oh we do, it's shown as active ....well it's not working, can you raise it as a fault?

Consults with someone ... let me do something, that should do it - we'll check later.


Upon checking my bill, voicemail has been added (and charged to my account today) - I haven't asked for voicemail or the extra charge.


Anyone any ideas how to sort this?



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Not a NOW broadband customer, so I am unsure how it all works. Since you have tried to call the support team a few times, you could always take "screenshots" and send the details off in an email?


Customer support email address in the below picture. 

Now TV customer service.jpeg

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help



I'm having exactly the same issue. Joined Now phone yesterday, no Called ID today. I'm told it's active and working... but it's not.




Did you get anywhere getting yours sorted?



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Have a look at the post from me, best to send screenshots/photos to customer support. Best way is with evidence!

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Here's the update.

They tried adding another service to my line (call answering service) to see if it would update the line.  Waited 24hrs and caller ID was still not working.

Spoke to another guy who sent an openreach broadband engineer out.   The openreach guy said the issue was with the Sky/Now equipment in the exchange .. here's his text "Fault is in exchange but sky/now have not provided the exchange information on job as they reported it as a broadband fault to us, so I need to send job back to service provider to reissue it to us an exchange fault and we can fix it but we don't need back in all is ok in house"

Some guy from Sky's Network team phoned last night who tried to say that it was our equipment and to take the batteries out of all the phones and wait a while before putting them back in.  He said he'd ring back in 24hrs ..... basically trying to blame our equipment, when the openreach guy clearly said everything inside the house was fine and the issue was with the sky equipment in the exchange ... most likely a software issue.


As yet ... no caller display and they said they'll update me this evening.


Hope this helps




Caller display not working, asked Now they say they cant help i need to contact BT. BT say its up to NOW  as my contract is with them. If this is how my new contract withNOW is going to go in the future it wont be re newed , EVER.

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@philo Well, it may be something that needs resetting with Openreach equipment, but the responsibility for sorting this most certainly rests with NOW as they are your service provider.


Try the complaints route here:



I too am having this issue. Moved over from Sky on 26 April and found I have no caller display or 1471 etc.

Everything was working well before moving over so it is not my phone.

Luckily I have not got a contract with Nowtv so if it is not up and running properly soon I can choose to walk away, which is a shame as they were recommended to me.

So frustrating. I have emailed them and no reply so far.


Same issue with me. Been round and round the Now help menus and no joy.

Everything worked fine with Sky a few days ago. Really need caller display as I only pick up recognised numbers 


In most cases if they add another service to the line ie voicemail and then remove it a few hours later this fixes the issue.  However this was not the case for me - I had three Openreach visits and the fault was found to be with NOWs equipment in the telephone exchange.  They eventually sorted it for me.