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Help please. I joined nowtv at the start of November, they come and connected everything up and after they left the broadband never worked at all, now tv can see that it's never been used so we had no service since installation day. I received an email off them two days ago saying my services had been cancelled and that they wanted an early termination fee of £99 for the broadband and £97 for the phone line. Funny huh? Well good luck receiving that payment for a service you cancelled yourself and last but not least why on earth would I pay for something I didn't receive? That's like me going in Tesco buying my shopping and leaving it there. It just wouldn't happen. How do I get out of this ? I contacted them and had to put the phone down after 20 minutes as I wasn't getting no where with the operator. Now i

wanted the broadband and was happy to pay the monthly fee but after these jokers expect me to pay for something I never had then I think I'll be going elsewhere.

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