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I've just switched from TalkTalk (why I gave them another chance I'll never know) and ordered NowTV standard (they call it 'brilliant') broadband and phone online with a £70 cashback from Topcashback.
After a few little niggles (e.g. my online account was showing a delivery date for the router 2 days before the despatch date shown) we went live on Wednesday.
Now that my online account is populated I have checked my bills and see that I'm being charged for fibre and not standard broadband.
Customer service tod me that I had definitely ordered fibre but I know that I did not. Proof would be that my cashback amount is the £70 for 'brilliant' broadband and not the greater amount given for fibre.
Having spoken to a manager it seems that standard broadband is not available at my address!
Can that be true?
Anyway, it was never mentioned on the web site when I entered our phone number and postcode, nor was it mentioned by front line customer service.
So it would appear that NowTV have just provided me with fibre (not asked for) AND started charging me the increased amount as of today.
Surely that should not be allowed?

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