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Broadband price rise

I just received the email that my broadband is going up £3.50 per month. On 4th May I renewed my contract at what I thought would be a fixed rate.


As it's impossible to contact a human being at NOW, I would like to know if I will be staying at the rate I agreed at my renewal for 12 months.


If anyone can let me know, it would be appreciated. 


Thank you.

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Elite 2

Now are raising their prices, but as it is not in your contract you should be able to leave penalty free (if it's the same as their parent company Sky)

Although as you are on such a new contract, they may put the raise on hold, only Now can tell you for sure. Try contacting them on the number in this link: 

Edit: This link may be helpful:

Now announces broadband price rises: what are your options? - Which? News


you might want to check that new contracts haven't been changed to the BT way of price increases, then you are tied in.

the increased has been planned, 3 months behind others.  they've had time to prepare.

Elite 2

I don't believe there is any intension for Sky or Now to move to contracts with built-in price rises.


Thank you!