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Broadband buddy setting set to custom but nothing is bring blocked!



I'm new to now broadband and something very odd is happening. The broadband buddy setting is set to custom and I've selected all the categories I want it to block, I also have safesearch switched on in google I thought I'd just test the broadband buddy to see if it was doing what it should but when Google safesearch is off it allows everything to come through even though the broadband buddy should be blocking it? What is going on please. Is a secure DNS the answer here? 

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I have only tried NOW Broadband Buddy with the different Age Ratings and for example Age 13 (Default) settings does seem to block a number of websites.

I have never tried the Custom setting or by adding website addresses into the block or allow section of Broadband Buddy.

Also was you on Sky Broadband previously and had a different setting on Sky Shield (if so, see if you can still access Sky Shield and change its settings).

Another very small possibility is that your line is crossed with a household who has Parental Broadband controls switched off (somebody on the community encountered this and an Engineer was called out to fix it at the local street cabient I think from memory).

If you believe NOW Broadband Buddy is not working has designed then get in touch with the NOW Broadband Team.