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Broadband Service Starting Earlier - Request

Hi there,

I recently just moved to a new flat and decided to use the broadband service of NOW. The start date of the service is on 12th Oct 2023 as that's the earliest available date to book for an engineer to come install the router/ anything required. However, after confirming all the deal & payment details, I received an email stating that an engineer would not have to visit for the service to run, and I just need to plug in the router for it to work. Would it be possible to start the service as soon as I receive the router please instead of waiting till 12th Oct as there is no need for an engineer to visit anymore. I urgently need Wi-Fi in my new flat as I have moved there already.

Thank you.

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Although you can certainly plug the router in as soon as it arrives, nothing will happen until the Openreach engineer as done the required work at the exchange/street cabinet. As you’ve been told the 12th for the go-live date, the work won’t be done before that.