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Broadband Package not showing in account


I did find a similar issue in the community but nobody replied so I'm starting a new thread. 

4 years ago we tried to get broadband with Now but for whatever reason the engineer couldn't get a line into our house so the order was cancelled - this order is still showing on our account flagging an issue with our order. 

We've continued to use our account for our Movies and Entertainment TV memberships that we regularly subscribe to. When ordering broadband this time around I provided the same email address and after following the instructions on the set up/welcome email the final message says everything is ok.

However, my account is still showing the failed order in 2019 only and doesn't have any indication that my new current contract (that went live today) exists. 

Please could I have some help in fixing this? The chat bot doesn't have any options that fit my issue and I can't find a combination that gets me through to a person. I'm either directed here or to restart a chat. 

Thank you



Elite 3

First question, have you now got a BT/Openreach master socket in the house, and have Now sent you a router?

Second question, what have you been using for broadband in the meantime>

Champion 2


Sadly, the community relies only on fellow customers and we can do no more than advise, or speculate. You need to contact the support team directly on 0330 332 3050 to find out what's going on.