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Broadband Fibre not available ( yet Sky is )

I have an issue. 

I am trying to upgrade my  Brilliant Broadband accout, which I have used for years, to Fibre but Avaibility Checker says not available at my address.

I tried Openreach and have written confirmation there IS fibre to  the cabinet, which is actually on my property and I have seen myself the fibre cables in it.

I contacted Sky tech support themselves who were VERY helpful - 


 - tried their availability checker which confirmed not available

 - so they checked with Openreach, saw the discrpancy

 - enterred my address manually in their system and confirmed  it WAS indeed there

 - an issue at thier end and were willing to order there and then.


HOWEVER NowTV  cant/ wont do the same 😞

Thus with exactly the same broadband network, I CAN order fibre with Sky ( albeit at a higher price ) but not if I stay with NowTV.


HELP !!!!!

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This is not something the community can help you with I'm afraid. It may be that Sky have capacity available at the cabinet whereas NOW do not, I don't know to what extent their resources overlap. Have you actually called NOW, or just tried online? 

Anonymous User
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Thanks for reply 🙂

I was hoping to take advantage of Black Friday deals to swap to fibre at little extra cost.  Please note my phone line comes from a cabinet on my side garden and  I have actually seen fibre cables installed into it.

I had spoken to NowTV three times before I contacted Sky technical directly, there are  software issues somewhere in  the Sky/NowTV organization.

When I first tried Openreach Availability Checker it responded to say there was a technical issue at their end so I submitted theme an enquiry.  Later that day ( Friday ) I assume they must have cleared the issue as the Checker started to say all OK.

NowTV then suggested I try on Monday ( today ) to give their system time to accept new availability.

Today, NowTV is still showing not available which is why I went to Sky ( who provide the network  itself ) directly.

Initially the Sky availability check also said no Fibre available, and he was confused when he went and saw availability from Openreach.  

He then back went into their own system by typing in my address manually and confirmed it actually WAS and he would take an  order for fibre there and  then.

However, NowTV would be much cheaper for more services, I advised him I would try to get NowTV option if the issues had been resolved which he understood.

In the meantime,  Openreach have responded and sent an email saying fibre IS available.


HOWEVER on contacting  NowTV for the fourth time, they can neither access the same way as the Sky man can nor will they escalate to someone at NowTV who can  resolve or at least advise how/when we can address....


As a NowTV client for years, it seems a pity to be forced to change supplier.  I was hopeful someone at NowTV monitors this forum and can offer any support or guidance.



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@Anonymous User I am not doubting that FTTC is technically available, it may just be a question of capacity at the cabinet. Every ISP has a limited number of slots. But it does seem, whereas Sky were prepared to dig a little deeper, that their counterparts at NOW are not. Try the number posted earlier and see if you can get any joy that way. 

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Thanks for  all the replies.

I  am  getting no-where with NOW TV despite a number of calls  and emails.

As they share ownership, network, and router ( at least ) I really cannot understand why NOW would have a separate number of slots in "my" cabinet.

I have asked for confirmation of this and escalated twice with no feedback.

I  feeling is that Now TV are unable ( or unwilling ) to go "outside" the box  if their system will not let them place an upgrade order.



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@Anonymous User  As mentioned by @Anonymous User  give the team a call to see what can be done.

How to submit your complaint:

  • Give us a call on 08007591213 to speak directly to a NOW advisor.
FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help