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Billing date issues

Pretty simple issue really.

My bill/payment due date is stated as the 2nd of every month on my bill and also when I phoned to sign up for the combo I was told by the very helpful man I spoke to that it would be taken on the 2nd of every month except for the first payment which would be the 15th, the next payment would be roughly two weeks later on the 2nd and then every month after on the 2nd.

July's payment was taken on the 13th July (not the 2nd) and August's payment was taken on the 17th (again not the 2nd).
On to September and the 2nd has passed and lo and behold the payment again hasn't been taken and will no doubt be taken in the middle of the month.
Taking the money from my account in the middle of the month has meant that money I've needed for other things has vanished unexpectedly and left me paying things late.

Could you please tell me why on earth payments are being taken almost 2 weeks later than the billing/payment due date?

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caseyb1993 Champion 1
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Re: Billing date issues

Hello @Candyflosschaos 🙂


To be honest, you would be better calling up the broadband phone number again as this would seem to be the quickest way to get this sorted.

I am not staff, I am a customer that likes to help,
so please click the Thank You/Thumbs Up button if I helped you out and maybe even accept it as a solution? 🙂
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Re: Billing date issues



Your best option would be to contact the Broadband Combo Customer Support Team on the link page below.



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Re: Billing date issues

29 January 2018 POS
- £2.99 £3.56
29 January 2018 POS
- £7.99 £6.55
29 January 2018 POS
- £9.99 £14.54

These are my direct debit dates and not the 24th of feb so sending me emails telling me to update my details or my pass will be cancelled is not on

the money is not due until the 29th that is 5 days from now so correct this or ill sue your company

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