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Been trying to get online since March 2nd

I’m a new customer that’s been trying to get internet with Now since the 2nd of March. I’ve been continuously off and on the phone with your tech support team repeatedly trying to get stable internet. It’s now the 19th of April.


This is a breakdown of what I have noted in my diary so far:


  1. I paid for a Nowtv hub on the 2nd March
  2. I was due to go online on the 15th March
  3. I was online successfully until 28th March where it was suddenly cut off
  4. I called your tech support team and was told they would call back. No call back on the 30th March
  5. Called your tech support on the 31st of March and was told there was a problem with my line.
  6. Told my new live date is the 14th of April and I would need to wait and have a 2nd hub sent to me with.
  7. On the 14th April the Open Reach engineer arrived, I was online and able to work for about 5 hours before the internet went off again.
  8. I called your tech support on the 14th April in the evening and was told I need to wait 4 days for an engineer due to a problem with the line.
  9. The next day I call again and later get a call from an open reach engineer who got me back online on the 15th April around midday.
  10. The internet goes off again on the 18th April. I call tech support and was told I need to wait 4 days because there’s a problem with the line. This will be the 4th engineer you will be sending me.
  11. 19th of April, I’m still not online.

I’m currently paying for a service that doesn’t work that I need for my professional business. I’m a freelancer that charges high amounts per hour for my consultancy time and services cost my business so much money and time by having the internet repeatedly switching off. At this point this is messing with my mental health and caused me so much anxiety and depression. The stress of this situation has given me a crook in my neck, I visited an osteopath that’s informed me I’m holding tension due to stress. I live alone and rely on the internet in order to connect with my business partners, friends, family and long distance relationships to maintain a healthy psyche. On top of this I’m a trauma survivor that relies on therapy online in order for self maintenance and suicidal tendencies. This whole experience with your service has been awful for me.

Anyone have any advice they can offer? 😞

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@Anonymous User 

This is a customer forum nothing else. So constantly saying “you” in the post will have no effect on who replies as 9/10 times it will be a fellow customer like you and me. 

Fortunately I’ve not been through the position your in. All I can offer is to keep calling broadband support.

How to submit your complaint:

  • Give us a call on 08007591213 to speak directly to a NOW advisor.

Alternatively you can send an email to customer support, address on below picture.


What you have to bare in mind is that NOW are having to rely on OpenReach. So it could be worthwhile complaining to them too.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help