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Ive recently changed my WiFi password and now it won’t let me connect to my broadband. I have tried resetting the hub two itself. Tried the old password and new password. 

I cant change the password again because I’m not connected to the internet. I need to be connected to the internet to change the password 


please help 

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Hi @MrsSmokiie 


Are all three green lights showing on the front of the Hub Router ?


If the middle light is not showing a constant green light then your internet is down irrespective of what WiFi password you are using.


When you tried resetting the Hub two Router did you hold in the reset button on the back of the Router for about 15 seconds.


Once you factory reset the Hub the WiFi password should normally default back to the WiFi password shown on the ID label underneath the bottom of the Hub Router.


After doing the above and if not all three green lights show on the front of the Router after about 5 minutes, then contact the NowTV Broadband Team for further assistance.


You will find their telephone number by going to My Account > Broadband & Calls whilst logged in on here and click the moving home button to reveal the phone number to call.


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