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Activation Date DELAYED BY 2 months !

So having read all of the articles here, seems that I have the same issue!!! My activation date was due to 27th August and not even TODAY it’s gone live !!!! I moved home and wanted to go with NOW TV broadband instead of Sky as originally at the property, and so far, an engineer came on 27th and “solved everything” connected my hub and my internet was working, what a miracle, right? But something was wrong as I haven’t been billed since I joined NOW Tv and my account was still saying “Broadband - we getting it ready” so basically pending! Well, it turns out I had internet from Sky and NOW TV never contacted them to close the previous tenant’s account as promised. They lied to me telling they are the ISP and closed the account with Sky on tenant’s behalf. 

What should I do? I think is a breach of contract and I want to contact the CEO, do you think this is the best thing to do? Oh, i want to stay with them as they owe me SO MUCH MONEY compensation in these months and I don’t want to lose a penny.


Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers!


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Hi Raluca1

How long did this take to resolve and did you manage to get an compensation?

I am suffering the same issue now - ordered on May-28, one engineer visit on 15-Jun and now another scheduled for 1-July.

However, when I call support, they tell me their 'teir 2 are unable to do anything as the line belongs to another company', so i can't see this being resolved any time soon 😞