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ADR / Compensation

I am sick and fed up of dealing with NOW TV. The worst complaints process I have ever experienced.


Live chat and phone advisors that pass you to a "back office" team. Back office teams that you can't call and which take weeks to respond to emails or perform simple tasks. Refusing to escalate to management when asked. Flagrant disregard for their own code of practice. Managers who, again, won't call you or take responsibility.


Lies, incompetence and laziness resulting in no progress being made over several months.


Closing complaints without resolution or customers agreeing. Isn't that a breach of OFCOM regulations?


I think I've had one person say sorry to me in six months of complaining and even that was a throw away comment.


Has anyone had any success with ADR process or getting compensation from this shower as I cannot be bothered chasing - what is a simple issue to fix in my opinion - any longer?

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Re: ADR / Compensation

I am the exact same!! My broadband and phone never worked from day 1 had to keep contacting everyday but all I would get was “we will contact you after 72 hours” ,and finally when I thought I was getting somewhere they said an engineer would be out but when that day came no one showed up so there I was back to contacting them and they said that the engineer had been out and I never answered?im pretty sure I waited all day unless the engineer taped my door so lightly that no one would have heard then they said but the engineer still checked the box outside my flat and there was nothing wrong,well can they care to explain why when I was phoning my house number another person was answering? Clearly there was something wrong,in the end I cancelled and asked for a refund and was tolled the refund would be in my account 3-5 working days,nothing went in so back to online chat AGAIN and was tolled I won’t recieve a refund till next month now tv are a joke would not recommend them what so ever went round in circles with the broadband and now there even making it hard for a simple quick refund !!!!


Re: ADR / Compensation

What issues were you having with your phone and broadband? My changeover was meant to happen yesterday, phone line is working fine, but no broadband, there is apparently a third party system issue and they have refered it to openreach, my broadband was working fine before the switch, never had any issues before when switching, was also told it could take up to 72 hours, till then I am stuck in limbo, ###### off to say the least.