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took the £20 for 4 months offer last month. now been charged agian?



i shouldnt have been charged again until november.  if the promotion is £20 a month for 4 months then they have missold this offer by the wording.


the way i seen it was £20 for 4 months meaning £5 for each month.   what a disgrace if they have conned people.




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@Anonymous User is this for sports? Just both Entertainment and Movies are less than £20 a month so you shouldn't get charged £20 for either of those per month.  If it is for sports, then it is highly unlikely you would get it for £5 a month.

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@Anonymous User There was a promotion on the monthly sports pass of £20 a month for 4 months emailed out at the beginning of August, I'm afraid there's never been any offers getting anywhere near £5 a month. Even though you're on the offer you can cancel it at any time if you don't want to pay that for your remaining months.