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Missing payment information?

I'm a little confused, we just received a message from NowTV via email ending in that a payment has been missed from our account. This has been working for previous 2 months we have been with them. I logged on our account a...

Been charged and no service

Been charged for entertainment and it says I still need to pay. I only have one account and done everything the online chat has said to do. Then lost chatHas anyone else had this. 

Now tv and broadband

Just enquirying on something for my partner.  She recent moved to Now TV and broadband last august but her circumstances have changes and will now be renting out her house.  Therefore what is the t's and c's for this circumstance when it comes to can...

Charged without my authorisation

I've received an email saying I have been charged £8.99 on the 16/02/2019 for sky sports which also shows up on my nowtv account, so I've gone to my online banking and there has been a random payment of 10p on 16/02/2019 for Now sky gb...