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Hi I cancelled my subscription on the 01/11/2018 but you still have taken payment a month after. Please could you give me a refund. 

Wrongly charged

Hi I have been changed wrongly £7.99 which I never bought. I only use nowtv stick for free view channels. I don't want to pay what I never bought. Please resolve this issue. 

Taken Money

I tried to set join you but you couldn’t provide me with fibre and everything broke down, but you have still charged me for some reason? Can you resolve this please. 


Hi i went throgh the whole process and added my credit card(visa) i got the number sms and added it to the check card part with the 10 p there is money on the card yet still i cant add a paymet to the account it gets stuck at that point

Right to be forgotten.

I want all my personal information to be completely erased.I asked on Live Chat and was told this can't happen. According to GDPR regulations, if I withdraw my consent then you have to erase my information, regardless of your own T&Cs.Please delete e...

Cancelled but still being billed

Hi - I took out a month pass for both mobile and full screen Sky Sport package to watch the Autumn Internationals.I cancelled both before the final match but have still been billed for both services for December.Please organise a refund and advise.Ma...


I am trying to contact someone regarding my payment date keep changing but can't seem to find a number too call or a live chat button or anything?? Someone please help!!

New EU Digital Single Market

Starting with 3 December 2018 all EU countries must adhere to the Digital Single Market law. UK is still in EU until Brexit is finalized, and NOWTV must follow the rules:New EU rules allow Europeans to shop online without bordersOn 3rd of December 20...

survey email

I received an email today purporting to be from NowTV asking me to take a 20 minute survey to help NowTV going forward.The first question was a gender question to which I ticked 'prefer not to say'. I did the same for question 2, what is your age.At ...