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I just saw in a news clip Sky Sports will be reduced to £10.00 per month, does that decrease include all Nowtv customers. Anyone have any idea on this  issue. With thanks.

Cancelling account

Hi NOW tv, I have cancelled NOW TV passes twice now and still money has been taken from my account. Now I have contacted my bank to block you as a merchant from stealing. But I really want is to remove all my details from your storage. Life chat does...


I want to know why most took 21 pound out on the 21 February 2019 when I payed it 2weeks befor 

Auto renewal of Sky TV pass

I can hardly believe it. I lead a busy life and don't always check my C/C bill. I bought a one month Sky TV pass in April 2017 to watch a couple of selected films. The subscription has "auto-renewed" ever since because of something that I no doubt mi...

Device limit

Sorry there may be hundreds of posts about this.... however...I have a now tv stick... 1 device I get that part....Watching on x box =2 But why does watching on phone via chromecast count as 2 devices?