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Bank Details

Hey, just wondering if its possible to remove my card details from my account, as i no loger want them tied to any passes. Thanks

Please Help - Billing

Hi wondering if anyone can help.  My partner has noticed payments from now tv coming out of her bank account twice monthly, one is £9.99 and one is £6.99. She does not have an account and the only box in the house is registered to me. She believes sh...

Cancel my Account

Hi.... I've tried several times now to cancel my £9.99 a month subscription following three website steps, but I can't seem to find the cancel button mentioned in the passes area. Can you do this for me at your end possibly?

Cancel trial

Trying to cancel my trial through the website, however the mypasses page doesnt load, just sticks on the spinning icon. Curious that the entire website works, the service still works, yet the page you use to cancel a subscription is the only one that...


Hi,I purchased the sky sport one day pass, thinking it was a month as it did say that this is £6.99 for a month. You can see from my account that I've not even used the account for 30 minutes I would appricate it if I get a refund for this so I can g...

Sky Cinema Pass Offer

I was offered a sky cinema pass for 3 months at only £1.66 on March 23rd so I should be on my last month as I have already made 3 payments, the 1st being the day I got the offer. My account is saying that another payment of £1.66 will come off on the...

Resolved! Applying a voucher after card has been charged

Just got back from holiday to find that the previous 6 month Entertainment pass had expired so my cr.card has been charged. I have another 6 month pass so if I enter the code now, will it be applied instantly or only after the paid for month has comp...


i have been billed for my now tv entertainment pass on may 17th 2017 and now again on may 29th im pretty sure the bill comes out once a month not twice woth in 12 days?