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Unnecessary charge, refund please.

Hi, I'd like to contact NOW T.V. by phone. It has the option to call them. However, I can't see the number itself anywhere? I'm keen to know what number I am phoning to "chat now", as it may cost a small fortune. 

The fact is if their contact phone number is free of charge, I think it would be advertised? I am sceptical as I've had more than one, I believe unecessay ethics regarding charges of 10p without any permission or informing me that NOW TV have been responsible for. 

Long story short, does anyone know what the call charges are to "chat now" option? Or does anyone know what the number for customer services is? 

There's a few issues I'd like to discuss and call when it's convenient to me, email is too time consuming for the issues mounting up. 

Thank you.

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User If I may answer just one of your questions, the “chat now” won’t cost you anything as it’s a text-based system. That is when you get through you type a question and they type an answer, etc. Of course, I could be wrong, I sometimes am but that’s how every other “chat Now” system works. As to the customer service phone number that’s only for broadband customers.

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Hello, 2 weeks ago I purchased the trial for the Now TV movies and although I cancelled it then I was informed that it is in fact charging me. I have yet to continue using it (I thought it had cancelled and hadn’t bothered looking to see if it was working) and would appreciate an immediate refund.