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Slot for adding devices

Hi I can't watch my now tv. Cause it's saying I've used up all my devices. I deleted them by accident but am now trying to watch on the same devices that was registered. Can you reset all my slot so I can watch otherwise it's saying I can't watch till 12tg November pretty pls help got a house full of men watching football and they ain't going to be happy that they can't watch
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Re: Slot for adding devices



If you jump over to Live Chat and explain to them what's happened, they should be able to reset and free up your device slots.


Here's the link page below for live chat, click on "Watching NowTV" and keep clicking on the relevant topics presented on your screen until you reach the live chat option button.

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Re: Slot for adding devices

Hi @Zara3



Please check this now you should be able to make changes.