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Sky sports week pass

I purchased the week pass, not realising that Chromecasts were considered devices. I assumed only devices I was logged into were registered on the monthly changes list. Went to my Dad's house to watch some golf with him on my pass, used his Chromecast, now I can't watch the golf for the rest of the week. My pass has another 6 days left to run. This is a bit of a joke that weekly passes have the same monthly change limit as Monthy or Yearly passes. I deleted all my devices in the hope that I could start watching on the one I purchased the pass on - my Android phone, now I can't add any. I have 6 days left of paid viewing. Can anyone help me on this? Is there a Live Chat option on the site?




Normally you could access chat from here between 8am and midnight.


i agree the device issue is a pain. I had not used Now TV for ages yet when I returned the same four devices were there and I could only change one of them.  If a device has not been used for say three months then it should be possible to replace without using up a change.