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Send a Message not working



I've been trying to get in contact with customer services (or whatever NowTV thinks passes as customer services) for a week now. Their send a message form does not work. I have tried it on an iphone, an ipad, a desktop, on safari, chrome, microsoft edge and firefox. This form does not work. When I asked Live Chat for another way to get in contact they gave me an email address that sends an automatic reply saying they don't check it anymore. I don't want to talk to LiveChat becuase I don't think they'dbe able to solve my problem and genuinely I don't want to go off on some poor person who doesn't know how to fix something and, re above, is working with outdated information. All I want is to send a message to NowTV and at this point whatever goodwill I had for this platform is evaporating with each failed click of that godforsaken green button. This also just feeds into the complaint I actually want to make about NowTV failing to contact me in regards to price increases on my pass which would have been really useful to get messages over because it would have let me known much earlier that my cancellation had failed and I wouldn't have continued to pay for something I haven't touched for a year. 




Anybody been through this with that form or know an alternate way to get in contact (And not the [email removed] email because, as I said, I have tried that). Obi-wan, youre my only hope yadda yadda yadda

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Messaging is only for NOWTV to use to subscribers.

You need to follow this link:


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I am trying to send a message to NowTV.  Yes I have had an account for about 3-4 years and have subscribed to various packages over that time.  The send a message option does not work and I have also tried to instigate a chat after 8am this morning and it keeps telling me it is unavailable.  How DOES anyone manage to get a message to them!!  Help!


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@Anonymous User Welcome to the forum. Usually trying a different device and/or browser gets live chat to work, but if you're still having trouble getting there pop onto your My Account > My Passes page

and in the FAQ section look for 'I think I've been incorrectly charged', you'll find a request form in there you can fill in instead for billing or technical issues.

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Thanks Andy for responding and I can see there has now been a message posted today to say there is a problem with live chat.


i am am trying to contact NowTV to let them know that I do not receive offers or service info emails from them at all despite my having checked the box in My Account to say I would like to receive offers from them.


when I try to select send message it takes me back to knowledge base and the round and round in circles.  Frankly I am beginning to wonder whether they deserve my business if they don’t make it easy to contact them.

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@Anonymous User There is an issue with live chat at the time of writing, but send a message should work. To make sure you're looking in the right place you can send the NOW TV Team a message or get to live chat (once it's back up and running properly) from the Contact Us page

(expand the Anything Else section at the bottom for options)


If you still have trouble later on in the day you can always post back and I'll try and tag a member of the team for you.

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Thanks Andy


Thanks for the clarification on where to find the option to contact NowTV.   It does sound like I am on the right Cintact Us page but when I select the option  Send a message it takes me straight to the knowledge base .  I’ve looked to see if I can fin the answer to my problem on the knowledge base and forum and I can see that others have had a similar problem I.e not able to send a message and they have tried several different devices and browsers but with no luck.  Maybe this is random and doesn’t affect everybody.  I am snookered if I can’t leave a message or access live chat as there is no other option!     

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I have precisely the same problem as the original poster described. I have an entire page of technical issues which I wanted to send via email, as live chat isn't an appropriate forum for this.


I've just wasted half an hour on a live chat which was highly reminiscent of Monty Python's 'Argument' sketch.


Truly appalling support.


Here's the transcript (names redacted)


[Support] (29/03/2018, 22:52:00): Thanks for contacting NOW TV, you are talking to [Support]. How can I help?
[Support] (29/03/2018, 22:52:29): Can I start by taking your full name and email address, please?
(29/03/2018, 22:52:57): Please tell me how to use the 'send a message' link. No matter which browser I use, in pc, tablet, or phone, it just returns back to the list of articles.
(29/03/2018, 22:53:18): [retromancer]
(29/03/2018, 22:53:28): [[email removed]]
(29/03/2018, 22:53:44): Apparently I'm not alone in experiencing this
[Support] (29/03/2018, 22:53:50): Hi [retromancer].
(29/03/2018, 22:53:53):
[Support] (29/03/2018, 22:54:39): Are you trying to get in touch with us?
(29/03/2018, 22:54:55): I have just cancelled my renewal and want to state why. Live chat is not really an appropriate method of doing so
[Support] (29/03/2018, 22:55:06): You can share your query on chat right now.
(29/03/2018, 22:56:19): I would like to send an email using the 'send a message' link which appears on every help article, but never works
(29/03/2018, 22:57:34): I have been trying to contact nowtv about the poor service on roku, a Now TV box, and tablet for nearly a month
(29/03/2018, 22:58:16): Please see the link for the exact problems I'm having with 'send a message'
[Support] (29/03/2018, 22:58:16): I'll have a look at the link that you have sent me.
[Support] (29/03/2018, 22:58:33): Sure.
(29/03/2018, 22:58:35): (This is from another user)
(29/03/2018, 22:59:07): My actual complaint is about poor buffering and resolution, but i can't even make a complaint
[Support] (29/03/2018, 22:59:40): Okay.
[Support] (29/03/2018, 23:02:24): Are you trying to contact us via email or do you wish to send a message on the community section?
(29/03/2018, 23:03:18): Either. I cannot get in contact at all, except this chat. According to the link, nobody monitors the email anyway...
(29/03/2018, 23:04:22): To be honest NowTV has been greatly disappointing, especially given Netflix is the same price and offers far more, and, crucially, actually works
[Support] (29/03/2018, 23:04:46): Check the link I am sending you right now.
[Support] (29/03/2018, 23:04:48):
(29/03/2018, 23:07:26): 'Send a message' simply redirects to just as before. It doesn't matter if I use a PC, windows, linux, Android phone, or tablet
(29/03/2018, 23:08:03): I just want to send my page-long list of reasons why I'm cancelling.
[Support] (29/03/2018, 23:08:24): You can send it to us via email.
(29/03/2018, 23:09:25): A) i can't find an email address, and b) the forum post I linked to previously states that emails are returned with a message stating that email isn't monitored,.
(29/03/2018, 23:09:52): So, really, what's the point in sending an email?
[Support] (29/03/2018, 23:10:22): You would receive a reply for your email within 24 hours.
[Support] (29/03/2018, 23:11:25): We have upgraded our systems, that the reason you maybe facing some problem to send messages, but you would certainly get a reply via email.
(29/03/2018, 23:12:54): This problem is months old. From the link i sent earlier:
(29/03/2018, 23:13:01): "When I asked Live Chat for another way to get in contact they gave me an email address that sends an automatic reply saying they don't check it anymore. "
(29/03/2018, 23:13:41): I feel that NowTV really really doesn't want my custom
[Support] (29/03/2018, 23:13:44): You have options on the link that I have sent you.
[Support] (29/03/2018, 23:13:59): Either Community, Live chat or email.
(29/03/2018, 23:14:24): But the link you sent Does. Not. Work, as i previously stated
[Support] (29/03/2018, 23:14:39): I have checked the link right now and its responding.
(29/03/2018, 23:15:45): That's great. It doesnt help me. I'm a systems engineer and web programmer with over 20 years' experience, not some random user
(29/03/2018, 23:16:07): I'd have been fired if I'd coded the NowTV website
(29/03/2018, 23:17:09): Is there a manager i can speak with please?
[Support] (29/03/2018, 23:17:17): [retromancer], I have give you the details of how you can get in touch with us.
(29/03/2018, 23:19:20): I can see I'm not going to get anywhere with this.
(29/03/2018, 23:19:42): Please give me the contact email address (not a link to your website)
[Support] (29/03/2018, 23:19:43): My manger would tell you the same thing about getting in touch via email or a message.
[Support] (29/03/2018, 23:20:41): The is no email address, the ways you can get to us is by selecting the options in the HOW TO Contact us option.
(29/03/2018, 23:21:17): I'm honestly too tired and too ill to spend anymore time trying to sort out my problems with NowTV
(29/03/2018, 23:21:30): Fine. I give up
(29/03/2018, 23:22:30): Goodnight [Support]. Thank you for trying to help.
[Support] (29/03/2018, 23:22:58): [retromancer], please contact us real time on live chat so that we can get your query resolved.

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I have exactly the same problem. None of the alleged methods of contacting Nowtv actually works. The only way to contact them is by mail to their registered office. Make a GDPR request and they are required by law to provide what you asked for within 30 days. If they don't comply make a complaint to the ICO