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Request to update credit card details



I've had e-mail requests from Now TV asking that I update my credit card details.


I've checked with my bank and there's no issue on that side of things, though NowTV say they are unable to take payment.


I checked the card details registered and they're correct.  I don't see what the problem is.  NowTV have already cancelled one subscription and now they're about to do the same to the other.  Why is this happening?  Anyone had a similar problem.


My box was switched off and unplugged for about two weeks.  Not sure if that would affect it.  If the correct details are there and the bank says there is no problem then why?.  NowTV have been successfully taking payments since January.


Also can't seem to get into live chat or e-mail.  The only option when I logged in was the forum. No telephone numbers mean I can't speak to anyone.


All help and advice greatly appreciated.



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I am having exactly the same problem.

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I received an email asking me to update my card details, but when I go onto the 'Payment details' page I'm faced with a blank screen. Could someone please contact me so tht these details can be updated.


Many thanks,


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@Anonymous User


Might be worth trying your My Account > Payment Details page again on a different browser (or if you haven't already, try using a laptop or desktop)

and if you still have trouble you could pop onto live chat who can check what the problem is.

To get to live chat, go to the following help page and click the Start Live Chat button.