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Pringles code not working live chat wont help.

I have got a code from the Pringles offer and when adding it to my account it kept coming up with Error code 4010 via the box.


so tried online account and still the same so after trying for about 20 minutes i gave up and contacted live chat and they could see the code was active but could not work out why it would not work.


so after talking to them for about 30 minutes they said they could do nothing and that was that.


so i find it worng that they can see the code as being active but could not cancel that code and then add a new one onto my account but no they would not do that and just kept coming up with excuse after excuse .


so what do i do now then as they wont help me and sort it out and i am left with a code that wont work and no one seems to want to deal with it.


they also kept saying they wont do anything because the pringles were bought from a shop even if its there offer that they are runnng.


do i contact pringles?

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum. If you're sure you're entering the code correctly (eg not misreading 0/O or 1/I) then I'd suggest following the advice on the promo terms


and  give Consumer Services  a call on 0800 028 1048 (guessing they might not be open until Monday).