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Phantom subscription

I've had enough now. I'm disabled and getting on a bit. I noticed this month's that I was being charged twice for an entertainment pass. I've tried to get help, explaining that because of my disability there are some things I can't do. One evening I spent two hours on line, I kept saying I have to know what to do or where to ring because I was in so much pain from being in the same position for being long. They are saying I have 2 entertainment passed but only one is connected to the e mail I use and they can't trace the other. If I cancel my subscription I could be still paying for this phantom one. Complaints are supposed to be escalating this but there's no word from them. I really feel discriminated against because of my age and  disability. To prove I am disabled I need a doctor's letter. The chances of that are zero our practice doesn't do letters anymore. I am so worried about this.



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