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I cancelled my subscription, yet have been charged  7.99 since August. Having finally managed to speak to someone from nowtv on a chat, they said I have only been charged once, which is not true. As on the account and billing, I have been charged since August, and have not been using the account. The chat I was having timed out instantely when I was told I would be issued a refund from October, which i'm guesssing was just your side ending the conversation.  I'm really frustrated as I do not have time to be chasing this up and sorting this out. It feels very much like a scam as it's impossible to contact your team and resolve this. But in final I want a refund from the charges taken out of my account since August-October not just October.

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I am in the exact same position, I was speaking to someone on live chat as I had been charged for a cancelled subscription. They said to email an address with my statement showing the charge, I have done this 3 days ago and still no response. 

They should have deleted my payment data but still hold it on the account which is against GDPR as I cancelled by account and therefore my details should be removed. 

This does feel like a scam even though NOW TV are clearly owned by SKY which is a massive corporation. They need to sort our their customer service and the site functionality compared to Netflix is just AWFUL