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NowTV charged me accidentally and won’t refund me

Received a charge from nowtv for 33.99, which is the same price as a sky sports package. Except I didn’t buy anything. 


16 live chat conversations and 32 emails later and I’ve been told they can’t find the charge (even though I sent them a screenshot of the bank charge 3 separate times). Because they can’t find the charge, they’ve decided that a family member must have set up a new account with my card. As that breaches data protection, they can’t do anything else. 


Not only is it absolutely disgraceful to blame me for a charge you made, it’s ridiculous to only have a live chat. After seeing other people’s problems on here and twitter, I won’t be renewing my passes, and am surprised this company hasn’t been picked up by the financial authorities. 

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Legend 5 @Anonymous User  complete that, they should be able to sort it.

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