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Now tv sports pass

now tv to charged  me  £35 even after cancelling sports pass . How do I get refund? 

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I have never had a sky sports pass. I've never actually asked for a sports pass. I watch live events I want to watch by going to games. I'd like to know why I was charged for a sky sports pass when I've never actually requested one. I'm peeved because now I have no broadband due to you. The money you mistakenly took out of my account was for my broadband. 

I pay for entertainment and movies NOT sports. I hate most sports. I work nights and I get cross when money is taken out of my account for 'services' I don't want and certainly don't need. 

Now I can't watch anything. Thanks now TV for being idiots. It's all well and good allowing me to cancel the sports but then to tell me I can watch them for a month just makes my blood boil. I don't bloody watch sports on TV!!!!! I didn't want sports.

Please explain to me how this happened. One very cross and tired night nurse that only watches entertainment and bloody movies.