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Now tv payments

I recently logged on to cancel my now tv as I don't use it and it took a payment out of my account a few days ago. I logged in to cancel it but it is saying I haven't got any passes. Why am I still being charged?!?!?!
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@Anonymous User


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Could be a couple of reasons why there's no pass showing, either a sports pass has been purchased by mistake (day and week sports passes don't show up in My Account ) or the purchase has come off another NOW TV account.


Check your purchase history to see what the charge is for by clicking here


1. If you can see a purchase for a day or week sports pass in the last 14 days that you haven't used yet you can go to live chat and ask for a refund. To get to live chat go to the following page

and click the Contact Us button at the bottom of that page, then choose the Live Chat option.


2. If you see no recent purchases, then the charge has come from a different NOW TV account. Try logging in with any other usernames you have, or if you received an email confirmation of the purchase your username should be on the email.



It's possible for someone to accidentally buy a sports pass by e.g clicking around in the sports section of the NOW TV box, so you might also want to enable the payment PIN option on your My Account page to prevent any more purchases in the future.