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No access on talktalk box

Well this is disappointing (I'm being polite). 3weeks after signing up for a 6 month movies pack i find that support for my Talk Talk box has been discontinued! 

Anyone care to tell my why there was no mention of this in the sign up process????

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User

My guess is that the older YouView boxes haven't got sufficient processing power to run the new NowTV App on it.

I don't use my BT YouView box on my nowtv account because the movies are still streamed at SD and there is no live Sky Cinema Channels compared to all my other Devices together with that there is no My TV feature available on the YouView platform at the moment.

Perhaps have a word with live chat about your disappointed where i know a couple of older Youview box owners were offered a free nowtv stick to ease the pain slightly for losing support of the NowTV App on the older YouView boxes.

Link here to live chat if you want to speak to them.