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NOW TV Telling me they cant remove my payment card details

Having been a subscriber almost since day one (White box and Movies in SD only) I have reluctantly decided to get my subscription TV from another supplier. I had hoped to stay and receive the Black Friday offer but because my pass has six week left I cannot get it.


I cancelled all my passes and when onto live chat this morning to remove my bank card details and close my account. Checked this afternoon and I can still log in and my bank card is still showing as valid.


Went onto live chat again just now to be told "We don't have an option to remove the card details".


I have said this was not satisfactory and received the reply "Please bear with us Andy, my higher team would get back to you at the earliest". I wait with bated breath.


In order to prepare for a formal complaint does anyone on hear know the regulatory body covering Now TV?


The above is worth noting for people who think they have removed thier card detail, you probably havnt!


Will post back when I get a response from the "higher team".

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User the regulatory body is OFCOM though don't necessarily assume that they will see you as in the right.
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I was thinking more of the financial regulator.


There seems to me there is no valid reason for Now TV keeping my credit card details after


1 All payments have been made


2 The contract has terminated (I know Now say there is no contract but under law there is)


3 The purchaser has requested this sensitive information be deleted