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Anonymous User
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My entire "continue watching" has disappeared.

What can cause this, and is there any way to get it back? I'm not entirely sure where I was up to with some things.


@Anonymous User



Dear Now TV Team


There are three threads dealing with this subject, this one "My entire "continue watching" has disappeared", as well as "updates are supposed to make things better, right?" and "My TV Continue Watching list disappeared", can someone please merge them into one thread.



UK Bob 


Anonymous User
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Now TV have my continue watching back

But I can't delete greyed out old shows still,error 1300 and still can't remove all instances of TV shows ,like 'specials' without removing everything related

Continue watching has now been repopulatedSmiley Happy


Watchlist still not rightSmiley Mad

Anonymous User
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The continue watching system has returned but NOW the Watchlist is totally corrupted.  It has populated 100 shows in my Watchlist, a lot I haven't added and now it generates error messages when trying to remove these or add the series I want.


Why is there still no status update about these issues and when is it going to be resolved?

Anonymous User
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For goodness sake,,I still have loads of tv shows populated in my watchlist,,and the extras shows to ones im watching.


Deleting the extras shpws removes everything


Is this going to be fixed or not??????

Legend 5
Legend 5

Have to agree with regard the 'extras' shows appearing alongside in the watchlist. I can sort of see why they might do it, thinking it's like the DVD extras on a disc so we will bundle them together in the watchlist to make people aware, but they seem to count as individual items on watchlist and given my list is already huge it means more scrolling about. 


I like that that they have separated out movies and shows into different sections on the website though, maybe this will be carried over to other devices.

Expert 2

REMOVE FROM MY TV function- kaput.


When is NOWTV going to sort out the problem with items on WATCHLIST no longer being removeable?



In continue watching it allows you to remove a prog, but in fact it still remains as

a thubnail.


Even items showing as no longer available won't go.

Anonymous User
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Glad i found this thread as the same has happened to me, thought i was going crazy !

Mistakes happen even by the brightest so im sure they are working hard to put this right !


I keep a file on my pc as to where im upto with shows so no problem for me in that respect but im sure it must be hurting a lot of people, i just wish Now Tv would copy Netflix layout !

Anonymous User
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Watchlist still not fixed and no response from technical or customer support.

Scholar 2

Any progress on getting the watchlist problem fixed?


Further to my previous posts on this subject, the watchlist is now turning available episodes into unavailable.

Today I added the two Harry Enfield episodes from Gold to my list, these are now showing as unavailable despite one having 6 days remaining and the other 12 days and of course they can't be deleted from the watchlist!

To watch them I had to go to channels, then select Gold and play them from there where they were indicating as not having been added to the watchlist. Back to the watchlist and they're still there but unavailable.