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Live chat/ help

HELP!! where is your live chat!!!!!     ive just joined again but would like to cancel as ive  NOT used the box, and if the money has been taken out, i would like a refund please   thanks


HELP!!!  ive just be offered a discount offer 2months for £2 which i would like to try but the code they gave me is not working       thanks 

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Hi @Anonymous User,


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the reason you've been charged is because the NOW TV services you've subscribed to have 'rolled on' automatically (as per NOW TV's Terms & Conditions). Which happens if you don't officially cancel them prior to any 'free trial', 'voucher pass' or 'monthly' subscription expiring!


After officially cancelling your subcription(s) via your 'My Account' (not via email), you will have been sent a confirmation email or emails. This being the case, provided you have not viewed any content (which the NOW TV people will thoroughly check) you should be able to get all (or a proportion) of your subscription payments returned/refunded to you by contacting a NOW TV representative via the forums 'Live Chat' facility.


The easiest way of accessing 'Live Chat' is by using a Windows or Mac computer, along with various many makes and models of mobile phones and tablets (provided their screen resolution is high enough). Here's what you need to do: -


  • Please visit our help site here: 
  • Use the search box to find the Help Article most relevant to your issue
  • If the article does not provide you with your answer, select the Get in touch button on that 




And just-so 'all' NOW TV customers know. Currently...

  • All monthly NOW TV subscription(s) run for their full duration, even if they are cancelled after the first day.
  • All monthly NOW TV subscription(s) 'roll on' automatically if they're not cancelled prior to any 'free trial', 'retention offer', 'voucher pass' or 'monthly' subscription expiring!
  • If your preference is to use 'voucher code passes', you'll need to submit your new pass before your current pass expires
  • 'Free trial' subscribers are notified by email that they will be charged unless they cancel their subscription(s) prior to their 'free trial' ending. So keep a look-out, including your spam/junk mail!
  • While the NOW TV accounts system is attempting to collect payment(s) the grey coloured 'Canel' button will not be accessible.
  • While the NOW TV accounts system is attempting to collect payment(s) the 'Apply voucher' button will not be accessible.
  • New NOW TV voucher code passes can be added within the last month of your current NOW TV services expiry date. The new pass will commence only after your existing pass expires. So you don't lose-out on any days.
  • Setting up a payment PIN on your NOW TV account is advised. As it will be prevent others from purchasing additional NOW TV services without your consent!
  • Cancelling your NOW TV subscription(s) has to be done 'officially' and correctly via your NOW TV account. And has to be done for each of the NOW TV services you have subscribed to. After which you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the NOW TV subscriber to manage their NOW TV account or accounts if you have them!

EDIT: I did tell you much the same yesterday. See here:

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