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Issue with Gift Card and incorrect billing

Hi, I had a problem last month with a gift card bought online but thought it had been resolved through chat. However, I have now been billed two months early. I need to give the full background to explain how I got here - the agent on chat didn't seem to understand any of this and assumed I'd bought a dodgy card from ebay - I came away rather insulted.


On 2nd April I went into the 'gift card' part of the NowTV site, was routed to Paypal Gifts, chose a six month card for £30, but then backed out without completing the purchase.

I then immediately went back through the same process, selected a three month card for £15, and completed the purchase.


I was emailed a code - I only received one - and went to activate the voucher only to get message "Hmmm, we don't recognise that voucher".


On getting through to Chat, I was told that the voucher code had expired that day. I explained that it was bought through Paypal Gifts from NowTV, which is when the agent accused me of trying to use an invalid ebay voucher - he/she was deaf to my arguments but eventually gave in and agreed to activate my voucher for me.


All seemed OK - done on 02/04 with a valid expiry date three months hence - but I have just found that I was charged £7.99 on the 1st of May. As the website doesn't retain a history of voucher applications I have no way of proving this but I'm sure you can do this internally.


I think the original issue had something to do with me backing out of the first purchase and going in again - I suspect the code I was sent related to the original, not the one I completed. I tried explaining there seemed to be a bug that needed investigating but it fell on deaf ears.


This has now left me out of pocket, and with no confidence that I will be able to get it resolved through Chat.  Please can someone advise me how I can get this resolved to my satisfaction?

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