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IDEA: Remove 1 device change per month restriction

Modern families have multiple devices and want to be able to consume content wherever and on whatever device they have. When you include devices like NowTV, Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, games consoles, smart phones and tablets, it's very easy for a typical family to have 10+ devices all capable of watching NowTV content.


I fully understand the need to limit the number of active devices and also the need to limit the number of devices that can be used simultaneously. However the restiction to change 1 device per month is an inconvenience too far. I subscribe to multiple streaming services and none have this restriction.


Let me describe just how easy it is to get unstuck.


Both my NowTV box and Roku box are registered. As a family this is the main way we watch NowTV content. My two kids also have NowTV on their tablet devices so they can watch a different programme in their bedroom. That's all 4 slots taken for registered devices (you can spot an immediate problem if we had 3 kids!).


I now go away on business and want to catch up on missed programmes while away. But I can't register my tablet because all 4 device slots are filled. No problem, the kids are in bed so I remove one of the tablets so that I can add my own. Great... I enjoy my movie and all is good... that is until my daughter tries to watch her programme the next day and cannot! Again, no problem... I just remove my tablet and add hers... except now there is a warning message that I have exceed the number of allowed changes and have to wait until the first day of the next month before I can make any more changes!


In fact I can delete all 4 registered devices, but not be able to add a new one!




The support team will reset the count, but not without the obligatory, "We'll make an exception for you just this once"... like they are doing you, a paying customer, a huge favour!


Most services like Netflix have no device registration restriction... just a restriction on the number of simultaneous viewers. Some do have a limit on device registration, but when the limit is reached and a new device is added they simply automatically deregister the device that has not been used for the longest time. But no-one is as draconian as NowTV with their one change/month limit.


Hopefully NowTV will recognise that this limitation, instead of being an attempt to stop the sharing of accounts, is seriously inconveniencing genuine customers and adding an unnecessary burden to their support team. There are hundreds of related messages in the forum on this topic. Hopefully sense will prevail.


Thank you.

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My wife likes to watch tennis and has bought a months sports pass to cover the tournaments that Sky have bought. I was trying to help her yesterday with adding a new device and in the process deleted all the devices that we are using (I was trying to be rather too tidy minded!) and added my phone so that it could Chromecast to the television. Now we are stuck. She can not watch on any other device at home until next month and I do not want to use my phone at work to watch NOW TV. She now has a useless month pass that she wants to use to watch tennis. Do we have the basis for a prosecution against NOW TV  under the trades descriptions act or something?


As the OP says, hopefully common sense will prevail.



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@Anonymous User, you could go on live chat, explain the scenario, and I'm sure they'd have it sorted for you far quicker (probably there and then) than prosecuting Now TV under the Trade Description Act! Seems a bit of a leap to jump to the latter first, and I fear the tennis may be over by the time you got a resolution that way.

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I agree and it shows this is a dated restriction as this limit and thread was originally posted 4 years ago!


Anyway a slight work around for this, which I have found useful. As you pay per package, and like me if you have kids, or a large number of devices, you can for example set up a tablet or console with a different email address and only pay for the kids package on that device, then for example your large TV and nowTV box you can sign in with a different email for movies and entertainment. That way you can spread the devices usage furhter and still pay the same amount per month.


Hope that helps Smiley Happy

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I have just upgraded all the computers in my house and had to remove all the previously used devices, I can now only watch movies on 1 device?! (well not watch as I gave the first device to my father) for 4 months?!  Are you serious?!  This restriction is INSANE why do you impose this?!  I pay you monthly to use your service why would you do this?!  I am unsubscribing soon if this is not resolved and moving to another provider.