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I cancelled six months ago Now TV still taking payments

Hi i cancelled my subscription for a NOW TV "sky cinema pass" well over six months ago now, i thought it had gone through as it was stated as confirmed on screen. I'd only just noticed for six months NOW TV has been draining my bank account of £9.99 a month without my knowledge, which has been going on since March. I had no emails to notify me of this, nothing. Understandably i'm not very happy about this and frustrated, again i've tried to cancel the subcription. I've tried messaging NOW TV about my problem on two occasions and i've had absolutely no response ! I'd like a refund of my £60, would anyone please advise me, thank you!! 


@Anonymous User

Hi Cari

There's a couple of questions I'd like to ask about your predicament:

1) When you first cancelled your cinema pass did you receive an email from Now TV confirming that cancellation?

2) You said, "i thought it had gone through as it was stated as confirmed on screen". Did you take a screen print of this?

If the answers to the above questions is "no" then get onto Now TV's help chat, first thing this morning, and explain what has happened, if they can confirm you, your family or friends have not watched anything from the Now TV's Cinema Section in the last six months then you should, at least. get some of your money back.

Use the following URL to contact help chat:

then click the "Anything else?" down arrow.

Anything else.jpg

 Hope this helps.


UK Bob



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Hi there,


Thanks for your response.


When i cancelled the subscription i was notified as cancelled on screen, i didn't screen shot it. I logged back in the following day to re check this had been completed, on my account, and i didn't log in onto NOW TV for another six months until i realised looking at my bank statements that the payments were still being taken out.


I can't find email confirmation of the process confirming it as my records only seem to go up to May 23. However nobody has been watching NOW TV since which is since i tried to cancel six months ago


I will try and re contact NOW TV and see what they say, thank you!!