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Great service from Live Chat re manage devices

Just to let people know I just had great service from the live chat guys, when I was actually expecting to have problems. 


Very simply, I recently upgraded my iPad and iPhone and did a full restore of my old devices to the new ones, so everthing pretty much the same. I went to watch Now TV on them and found that I was unable to add the 2 new devices due to the monthly restrictions applied to device changes. I contacted live chat to explain about my upgrades and ask if they would make an exception to the rule and allow me to add these 2 new devices in place of my old ones. I fully expected a load of "computer says no" attitude about it and a refusal to assist me. 


However, the live chat guy gave me 5 new device "credits" and allowed me to add these new devices without any issues at all, problem solved in less than 5 mins. 


For once I thought that was a great and helpful service from a large provier and wanetd to share that with you. Thanks NowTV!

Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User


Thank you for your post.


I have passed on your feedback