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Free Trial Revoked, charged instantly?

Hello guys,

I'm not sure if anyone can help me. I tried to access a free trial for the sky cinema pass on my NowTV account, and as I was progressing beyond putting in my card details it told me that I'd already had a trial and that it would charge me straight away instead. I couldn't remember having had a trial before, so I backed out and went on my passes page, where it still said I was eligible for a 14 day trial. 

I clicked on the start free trial button, it said that I would be charged on the 10th March (14 days from now) and then went to try out some of the movies. However I later got an email with an invoice, and the date on my passes page has changed to be charged on the 24th February. Anyone know about why this might've happened? 


Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Pop over to live chat and let them get to the bottom of it.


Normally once you have used a 14 day free trial the option button to start a trial disappears on that particular account.


If you have setup a second account, then the Now TV software may have possibly noticed you have already used a free trial in your name and you are not eligible.


Anyway have a word with live chat on the link below.