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I see I am not the only one paste in:- Sent from
order ref 451M/77372986 17 oct
I am very displeased:-
I cancelled my 14 days free trial of NowTV & received acknowledgement of this
cancellation from you on 12 Oct. at this point you should have deleted my debit
card details. Three days ago you offered me a free refurbished box , I logged on& applied the offer code. You said to ignore the price charge
and not worry as the price would update on checkout & I would NOT be charged.
You have illegally retained my debit card details and have now billed and debited my card today. I should really
report you to the ASA,- I shall reserve judgement for the present. I have the emails &
screen shots as evidence.
I know that I have 14 days to cancel but I should not have to – the reconditioned box was offered to me free of charge.
Point 1- You had no right to keep my card details after assuring me of the cancellation of the NowTV trial.
Point 2 – in my opinion your free offer was subterfuge to acquire my money. No doubt you would protest this but the facts speak for themselves, I did apply the code which was automatically placed on the screen by you as was my card details, if there was a glitch it was your methodology that caused it to your advantage. It appears from the internet that I am not the only person that has had problems with your sales.
Your customer care service on the other hand was excellent.
I request that you immediately refund the GBP14.99 taken from my account today and subsequently delete my card details from your system.
The box has not been delivered yet, technology should allow you to stop the delivery as do not want the bother of returning the box & entering into possible further communication.
Thank you
Subsequently-I find your Get In Touch message service ABYSMAL, it is fortunate that I have written this text offline to copy & paste.
******"""" 17Oct 2017
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This is a letter I tried to email to customer services and although finally successful I had to resort to pasting in to the "smily face" " how are we doing" comment section. If you are reading this & it hasn't been removed or edited, think twice about parting with your card details!! And if that means NeverNowTV - do it
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@Anonymous User can you look into this. @Anonymous User will need a refund and card details removing. Can you also ask technical team to look at how these offers get applied at checkout. 

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thanks champion1