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Engineer never turned up

Fri 7th September

Sitting in the house from 1pm until 6pm and no engineer. No call. No email. No message. Nothing.

Tried to call NOWTV- No answer

Live chat - waited 25 minutes. Nothing.

Tweeted NOW TV. No reply. 

My account is due to be charged from today. 

This doesn't bode well for the future of my 12 mth contract. 

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We are terribly sorry you have experienced this.

Someone from our back office department will be in touch with you to arrange another engineer appointment.

Please accept our sincere apologies.

Many Thanks,

Naomi K

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Not good enough.
My account is being charged from today.
No attempt from you to say engineer isn't coming.
Empty apologies.
No indication of WHEN I'll be contacted.
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My account is being charged from today- You won't be charged until you're active. So no bills are coming out from today rest assured.

NOW TV give a time slot if engineer doesn't show between said time slot then engineer could of a)ran out of time or b) taken ill (more common than you would believe). Furthermore the engineer would usually give you a call but that's completely down to their discretion. We aren't aware the engineer hasn't shown or what happens after time slot is booked until it comes back to us as a "Engineer missed appointment"

Engineer missed appointment means our tier 2 team will be in contact in 48-72hrs to arrange another appointment, this might seem like a lengthy time but they are extremely busy and we appreciate your patience on this.

Our Apologies 

Many Thanks

Naomi K


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Not a great start to customer service and satisfaction for a new customer.
I have to wait because of your incompetence.
I'm not the only one this has happened to as per community forum. Apologies are meaningless. I've waited 2 weeks already and in 2 more weeks, my Virgin will expire and I'll be left with nothing.