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Email problems - terrible customer service

I noticed I have a problem with my emails from NOW TV. It's not a huge problem but an annoying one that I'd like to fix. Whenever I buy a NOW TV pass I get a confirmation sent to one email address, when I cancel a pass I get an email going to a differnt email address. One set of emails are going to the address I registered with, the others are going to an email address I subsequently changed to.

I went onto the online chat to try to fix this. They couldn't and set up a support ticket. I waited a week, didn't hear a thing. To cut a very long boring story short I've still not had this small issue fixed, about a month later. I've had several email exchanges (mostly to say a duplicate support ticket had been closed!) been on the chat several times (and been cut off from the chat several times too) but each time I ask about my issue I get I get the same answer, "This has been escalated to a higher team and they will email you". I think the "higher team" are on holiday or shy because they seem to be reluctant to contact me!

I don't understand why an issue like this takes weeks to figure out. I'd rather they be honest and say that they can't fix it and to tell me to start a new account or something rather than, "we'll get back to you" all the time. God knows what they are like for people who have bigger issues.

Poor customer service.

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