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Device limit

I’ve been a long time user of now tv and quite happily signed up to a contract to get a discount for the last 2 years.

I will now be cancelling majority of my passes and the contract completely once it’s run out due to your ridiculous device limit policy.

This is not a protest but purely because it’s become so inconvenient that I don’t actually use it very much at all anymore.

Like the majority of households I have more than 4 devices and the whole point of a streaming service is to be able to use these at my convenience. 

I didn’t mind when you could actually change the device and use it straight away however this “one change a month” policy is absolutely absurd.

I spent last month with only 2 devices allowed and now this month because i accidentally pressed play on my phone before connecting to my chrome cast that counts as this months change!

I understand that you wish to limit the streaming in some way but as other users have pointed out there are far better ways to do this such as the way Netflix do. 

I’m sure I won’t be the only lost customer due this ridiculous policy.