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Device limit issues... Again... Stupid delay

So I have a stupid problem regarding the device limit and the time it takes to add a device. In the household we have 4 kids and 2 adults. We managed to have one phone one iPad one laptop and an Xbox to watch sky sports. The issues is when my Xbox one says this device isn't registered.... It was and always has been but now TV randomly boots it off... I readded it the other week and we had an issue where the laptop wanted adding again. So now I have 3 devices registered, phone iPad laptop but the Xbox is kicked off and I have a spare slot I cannot add to till December. The Xbox is in he front room and the main device. Ugh

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User

I believe there was a glitch of some sort with the Xbox where it had an update that may have confused or fooled the nowtv manage device software on Xbox owners nowtv device list accounts.

If you jump over to live chat and ask them to reset all your devices on your account.

Then that should fix it.

Link below to live chat.